Zionodes, the world’s leading marketplace for Bitcoin mining to launch

3 min readJan 29, 2021

Zionodes simplifies the intricacies involved in the traditional mining platforms. It offers a cost advantage, transparency, and ownership of machines, assuring increased ROI, real-time monitoring tools, and two-layered security.

Zionodes announces the launch of its distinctive platform lauded as the first Bitcoin mining marketplace that aggregates data centers, sellers of hardware, and miners all in one place. It is a remote mining platform designed to address the most singular challenges for resellers, farm operators, and miners. Headquartered in Singapore and offices spread across Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, it is a technology undertak

ing supported by the earliest adopters of DLT technology.

At Zionodes, the team is determined to ensure all ASICs are immediately available after two weeks of installation. Users have access to historical records of all resellers and farm operators ensuring complete transparency in the process. Zionodes have robust audit teams to verify Bitcoin colocations. The solution establishes and secures the shortest onboarding period of two-weeks for reliable mining facilities.

We also launched an all-new DeFi platform that will be the first ever podium to boast a liquidity pool with Bitcoin mining. Our platform intends to unravel all the roadblocks of DeFi and combine it with novel technologies to bring out the best. The newly-launched decentralized platform, effectively tackles large-scale market inefficiencies, eradicating high margins in the OTC market of miner sales. The platform offers a golden opportunity to go low cost and get higher returns, especially for small miners.

Zionodes boasts of a team that has 4 years of experience in crypto mining. It is an all-encompassing solution offering technical solutions development such as firmware customized to the user’s needs. The platform’s key strategists and experts have procreated every aspect of the offering including the current maturity and future needs. Zionodes pool operations are independently managed, with complete user transparency in mining securing deals with both providers.

With two-factor authentication and cryptographic protocol, Zionode is a key enabler of security, transparent with all-time-low pricing for pre-paid settlements.. Zionodes believes in giving as much simplicity and transparency with decreased spending factoring only the cost of hardware and electricity is paid for.

To enable a smooth, seamless payment process, the platform will accept cryptocurrency payments.

Zionodes is a one-stop solution providing the most beneficial offers to the miners looking for low-risk venturing opportunities and expanding their ASCI portfolio. The platform allows for complete ownership of the machine till it gets depreciated and does not have any hidden agenda and hash rate contracts.

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